Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gym playlist + favourite ab exercise

A little random workout related post today since I don't have a proper update for you. I'm sticking to my usual routine and it's going great. I really look forward to my workouts after work, it's the ideal stress reliever. Keep reading for some good work-out songs and my favourite exercise for ab definition .

 By the way what do you think about my new shoes? I'm sure they're a love/hate thing but I LOVE them. I managed to get 30% off on them at ASOS (link) which is always a plus. They are the Nike Air Max 2014 Trainers, which are also suitable for running so they're quite multifunctional. I've wanted to get some really bright trainers for a while now but never found a pair which I liked a lot. I love the combination of pink and orange!

I've started to incorporate a bit of interval training in my routine, either on the treadmill or with ropeskipping. Because I prefer strength training over cardio at the moment, I want my cardio to be quick and intense, so HIIT training is perfect. I picked out some of my favourite gym songs at the moment. Music, as always, is key to working out. When my iPod runs out of battery, I just want to go home. I need my music!

Blow - Beyonce (The Flexican remix)
Busy Earnin - Jungle
Bring the Noise - Benny Benassi & Public Enemy
Lucky I got what I want - Jungle (Restless remix)
Superstition - Stevie Wonder (The Flexican & SirOJ Remix)
Made to Stray- Mount Kimbie

I also wanted to share the exercise below from Blogilates which has been a favourite of mine the past few months: waist whittlers! It's really one of the most challenging ab exercises. I try to do 25 reps each time, and then do 2 sets (50) or 4 sets (100 reps in total), depending on what I've already done that day. Cassey wrote below the video "I also noticed a nice abdominal separation in the middle of my upper abs." which is something I also I've noticed. Love this exercise, it's something else than crunches 

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