Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Banana vanilla protein milkshake

This is a recipe for everyone who A) wants to try a delicious post-workout shake, you deserve it B) loves banana milkshakes or 3) wants to treat himself/herself; this basically covers all three. As always, I tell you what I added to this recipe, but feel free to make it your own. This recipe is based on the banana milkshake my mom used to make for me and my siblings. Instead of adding ice-cream, she always kept it super-basic and healthy with three ingredients: banana, semi-skimmed milk and cinnamon. A super-combination, to which I added a few things for this recipe.

- 1 banana (you can cut it into pieces and freeze it beforehand for that ice-cream texture in milkshakes)
- 1 big glass of milk (I never really measure it)
- 1 scoop of vanilla protein
- a dash of cinnamon
- a small teaspoon of peanut butter, I used Meridian as always (because who doesn't love some good pure peanut butter)

I added the vanilla protein because I made this shake after a tough workout. I recently placed an order on Body & Fit shop, a dutch webshop which sells thousands of food and fitness related things. They have a massive section of superfoods (basically any you can think of + NUT BUTTERS HURRAH!), and they are cheaper than in the stores which is awesome. Delivery is also really quick and you get a free gift when spending a certain amount (I got a girly pink protein shaker) - I'll definitely order again from here! Anyway, I also ordered some Vanilla Isolate Perfection which I used in this shake. If you don't workout or take protein, you can just leave it out and maybe add some fresh vanilla or a drop of vanilla concentrate. 

Mix the ingredients well with a blender, pour in a tall glass and enjoy! In my opinion this is so much better than those calorie-bomb ice-cream milkshakes, and this tastes even better when you freeze the banana beforehand. You can substitute the cow milk for almond/soy milk so you have a dairy-free option. Let me know if you'll try this!

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