Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sunday in Amsterdam

I've just spent the weekend in Belgium and I'm on my way to Amsterdam now. There's internet on the train so I thought I'd share a little diary of last Sunday I spent in Amsterdam (edit: the photos took so much time to upload.. so it's Tuesday now haha). It was my first official weekend in Amsterdam so I got the chance to discover the city a little bit. I finally found to share with two flatmates, and they also have a little boat so of course I asked if we could make a boat trip that Sunday. The weather was lovely, the city was still asleep (the Gay Pride parade took place the day before) so it was the perfect day for it. 
First stop was the Tropenmuseum, where we would visit the National Geographic exhibition. We jumped in the tiny boat, fired up the (loud) engine and navigated through the canals, so lovely! Once on the Amstel canal, we passed the famous Amstel Hotel.

The Tropenmuseum is East of the city centre and it was really quiet that Sunday. The museum is huge and has the highest ceiling I've seen, with origami birds floating around, really cool!

The Masters of Photography exhibition is a collection of the greatest National Geographic photos by ten photographers. I snapped a few pics to show you my favourites.

I wish the photos would have been printed on larger canvases so they would make even more of an impression, but it was cool anyway to read about these photos and their stores. The Afghan Girl (above) is probably the most famous photo. They were also showing the documentary The Search for the Afghan Girl, to find this woman 17 years after this photo was taken. 

After the exhibition it was time to sail off to find some lunch.

We stopped and found a table outside at Puccini. My flatmate's girlfriend always comes here for the great sandwiches, so all three of us had one. They were massive but so fresh and good! Crunchy focaccia bread, roasted aubergine, chicken and homemade olive tapenade. The others had a tasty pastrami sandwich. 

After lunch we went back home via a massive detour through the canals (who knew so many canals would be one-way?). After a little break at home I decided the weather was too nice to stay home so I hopped on my bike and went West, all the way to the Westerpark, where I found out that there was a once-a-month market (click for info). 

Super appealing berries! What a cosy market, so different than London markets. This one felt more authentic somehow and really relaxed. 

After the market I biked around the park which was really peaceful. I will definitely come here more often, for a run or bike ride!

I went back into the city to explore some of the organic shops they have, like Stach and Marqt. I found my favourite peanut butter from Meridian at Marqt, and so many different Belvoir corials at Stach. The perfect stores to find some speciality food (a bit like Whole Foods)

In total I biked around for over two hours, so after that it was about time to go home and make myself some dinner. I hadn't made banana pancakes in such a long time so there was no question about what dinner would be. I made huge pancakes (banana, whey protein powder, oats, almond milk, 2 eggs - fried in coconut oil) with Greek yoghurt, peanut butter, cinnamon, cacao nibs and fresh figs. This kind of food makes me happy! I sat outside the window in the last rays of sun watching the boats on the canal. 

What a perfect day in Amsterdam, now let's hope August and September will have some sunny weekends too!

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