Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pink flower lemonade

Because today was the Gay Parade on the canals in Amsterdam (I will show you some pics soon), I thought it was quite suitable to share the recipe I came up with last weekend. I love pink lemonade and it's quite easy to make, so I added a floral touch to it to make it even more "me". This makes a great refreshing summer drink or a nice cocktail if you add some gin, rum or vodka to it. 

What you need: (for two jugs of pink lemonade)
- 3 lemons
- 1 lime 
- edible flowers such as violets and roses 
- cranberry juice 
- water
- ice cubes 
- sugar

Start by juicing the lemons and limes. Take a large jug (or two) and add the citrus juice to it. Then add fill up 1/4 of the jug with cranberry juice and then fill it up with ice and water. Next I used some of my mom's homemade rose syrup to sweeten it, but you can also sweeten it with sugar or some other sweetener. Finally, add some flower petals, I used these rose petals (don't use store bought roses as these aren't as fragrant). Stir everything very well and serve while it's still ice cold. I used some violets to decorate the glasses and some sugar for on the edges of the glasses. Now you've got your home made pink lemonade, ready to impress everyone with ;)

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