Saturday, August 9, 2014

Muji make-up bag

Make-up bags. You just can't have too many (yet I definitely have too many). Yet still I was never completely satisfied with the way my make-up travelled around with me. I kept it in a soft and pretty Libery-print bag, but everything would just wildly shake around while traveling. For toiletries that's fine, but for delicate eyeshadows and glass foundation bottles it's less than ideal. I needed something which would keep my eyeshadows whole and with enough little pockets to securely store my blushes and powders. So when I unexpectedly found this make-up bag in the sale at Muji, I knew it would be perfect.

As you can see, the make-up bag is compact, yet it still holds all the make-up I need. If you travel around with 4 blushes, eyeshadow palettes, 5 eyeliners and 2 bronzers, then this is definitely not big enough. But if you just bring your daily make-up and some other small things then this is the perfect size.

Let's see what it looks like inside, shall we?

The lining inside is a dusty pink, which is nice because otherwise it would be quite boring, being all sleek and black on the outside. It has two big compartments. One has smaller side pockets for lipsticks, lip balms and a mini mascara for example. It also has an elastic pocket for hair ties or blushes. In the middle I keep the bulkier things such as foundation and face cream. 

The other compartment is specifically designed for make-up brushes (or a toothbrush) and some more flat make-up items. As you can see it holds my Nars blush and highlighter perfectly.

There's 4 compartments for brushes, but obviously you could fit more in if your brushes are thinner. Muji thought about it very smartly because this compartment (as well as the 'flap' that goes on top of the brushes) is made from clear plastic, so you won't get eyeshadow and foundation smears on your make-up bag because you can easily wipe it off. 

On the outside of the make-up bag there's one more compartment which can hold jewellery, hair ties or a few cotton pads. If you've been looking for something like this, it's still on sale online , so be quick! I'm super pleased with this make-up bag as you can tell :)

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