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July & August in pictures

I didn't make a photo update of July since I'd forgotten a little about it because of my move from London to Amsterdam and the shift from student- to working life. But now here I am, living in Amsterdam for over a month now and working full time in PR. I wish I could spend more time discovering the city but still I hope 3 months (2 months left now) is enough to get a taste of Amsterdam. Enough rambling, here's some pictures of my daily life the past few weeks. 
One of my quick brekkies before work: oats with almond milk (microwave 2 minutes), cinnamon and frozen raspberries (so good!). I always add a spoonful of almond or peanut butter for good measure // beautiful canal houses in Amsterdam. I love that the buildings in the city centre are all old which makes the city feel very authentic

While looking for a flat in Amsterdam I was living in a student hotel, but luckily there was a gym AND had some fresh watermelon, not complaining! // is this shoe heaven or what? I get to look at it every day at the office. Now if only I could bring some home.. 

My first weekend in Amsterdam started off with a good party at the Gay Pride parade on the canals, I've never seen such a big celebration before and I loved the atmosphere // just a guy floating over the canal, crazy!

The weather was nice all day except for some big rain drops at the end, which didn't stop anyone from partying though (ok I may have ran home hahah!) // a big jug of cucumber, lemon and mint water at the office. I try to drink a lot of water and tea while working, and allow myself one coffee a day since it makes me a bit jittery

After-work drinks at the new restaurant Nacional. I loved those Moscow mules, especially the copper cups, I need some of those! // cool interior, a bit of New York, a bit of Paris and a bit of London

Took my bike for a ride through the Vondelpark after a big rainstorm (goodbye summer) // a dinner I've been making a few times lately: stir fry with rice, shii-take, chicken and lots of vegetables + chili & ginger 

Went to a BBQ where we had some crayfish for starters. Of course I sent a picture to my Swedish friends straight away since August is crayfish-party month in Sweden // got some french fries at Frites Uit Zuyd but I thought they were nothing really special, so no review unfortunately. I did like the floor over there, simple and clean

A lot of people liked this picture on Instagram, but how could you not, this sweater is awesome and so lovely for fall! // a little snack during the day. I enjoy these bowls so much, the combination of fruity, chocolaty (cacao nibs), crunchy chia, frozen berries, crunchy goji berries, tropical coconut, and nutty nut butter.. ahh so good.

There was an event after work where we got some people together for cocktails and snacks. Those summer rolls may not look like much on the picture, but they are seriously the best summer rolls I've ever had. They are from Nghia Nghia, a little vietnamese place on the Rozengracht which is only open for lunch but they make the best rolls, sandwiches and soups. I hope I can write a full review on this soon! The rolls were so tasty I ordered some for lunch on Tuesday, treat yourself ;) 

Ketel One is doing an awesome thing where they make cocktails in these copper kettles, add some dry ice so you get a steaming cocktail, which doesn't only look the part, but also tastes awesome. There are different cocktails but I had one with ginger beer which is my favourite. 

Reading Vogue with some pieces of Tony's Chocolonely milk/noga, which is now one of my favourite chocolates (aside from Lindt dark chocolate) // loving my new gym routine: 2x legs and 2x arms/back a week with new exercises. The gym is small but really nice and there's a steam bath and sauna which I love to use after a sweaty session

Did some shopping and browsing. I spotted these Nikes but decided to go for another pair, which should arrive any day now // this Mango sweater reminded me of my best friend and I, when I lived in London and she lived in Paris. Quite suiting, don't you think? 

Beautiful flower and drink set-up at the Hotel de Hallen // sweet potato fries. This was my second attempt since I burnt the first batch, but it was worth the wait. I've made these twice already this week, would you like to see the recipe?

My first run in the Vondelpark, quite pretty but it's not the same as my runs to Primrose Hill, oh how I miss that // I love the concept of Julia's pasta: freshly made pasta to-go. I've had this twice on my train rides back to Belgium. I like this pesto-chicken wholegrain penne lot. They have Julia's in most large train stations in the Netherlands

THE cutest dog I've seen in a while, a mix between Jack Russel and Daschund // another delicious brekkie, yummieee!

I can't wait to see what else Amsterdam has to offer. I like it a lot so far, though it was nicer when it was 27 degrees and sunny, instead of being soaking wet after a short bike ride. I must admit I do miss London a lot, and I'm already longing to go back there. But I need to give Amsterdam a chance and stop thinking about London (hah this sounds like a complicated relationship, but it kind of is). I do feel very very lucky when I cycle down the canals in the morning and do my grocery shopping right next to the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. I need to enjoy this experience to the fullest!

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