Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Birthday wish

My 21st birthday is coming up this Sunday and like every year, I'm sharing with you my wish list. Of course it's not realistic but in the meantime I can dream of adding all these items to my wardrobe. Right now I'm looking mostly at timeless pieces which I will enjoy in years to come (okay those bright Nikes are an exception!)

1. Isabel Marant suede Alona Boots - the perfect boots, love love love them!

2. Mango "Absolutely" sweater - casual and cool for a chilled out day or to keep me warm when going to the gym

3. Céline Trio bag - I almost only have larger bags, so a smaller bag would be really handy. The Céline trio is pretty in every colour and classic/subtle enough for daily use 

4. Nike Air Max 2014 - not so subtle, but really cool, especially with an all-black outfit

5. White trainers (Nike Roshe Run) - I want to find some cool white trainers since my white Converse have had their best days

6. Chunky high heels (Zara) - I only have stilettos which kill my feet after 2 hours, so some chunky heels would be a welcome addition

7. Givenchy Mini Antigona bag - my favourite bag in the world, but then a mini-version. One day this little baby will be mine!

8. Slowjuicer - I love drinking fresh juices but they are so expensive. A slow juicer is a real investment and makes it so much easier to get your daily dose of vitamins. Carrot, beet, orange and ginger juice please!

Lots of bags and shoes, but I feel like those items can really make an outfit a little more special, especially since my style is pretty basic with lots of black. I hope to save up a little so I can at least add one (or more) of these items to my wardrobe by the end of the year. But in the end I mostly wish for good weather on my birthday and a beautiful day overall!

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