Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's talk sports bras

The sports bra, an often underestimated piece of exercising equipment. In my opinion, having a good sports bra is just as important as a pair of good sports shoes. You may be young now, but what may seem perky today might change within the next 10 years ;) That's why you need to support your whole body while working out, not only with good shoes but also with a good sports bra. 
When I started working out a lot I bought one good sports bra from Nike, the X-back bra. After a little while I noticed that 1 bra and 4-5 days a week of working out just wasn't working out (hah) so I got another X-back bra (I love those!). And now, half a year later the bra family has grown a little! As with any piece of clothing, sports bras get 'old' after a while and don't offer the same support, which is why you need to change it up from time to time. These are my most recent purchases:

The black and white sports bras are the Nike Shape Swoosh bras. Nike bras have three types of support: light, medium and high. I like the ones with high support best which are these Shape swoosh bras and the X-back bra. The brightly coloured bra is the Nike Pro Ikat bra (sadly sold out in this colour), which offers medium support so I wouldn't choose this one if I were to go on a longer run or very intense workout. But it's definitely my prettiest bra, don't you agree?

I love the Nike bras because they literally keep everything in place and also because they look good! I haven't tried out any sports bras from other brands but I would definitely recommend investing in a good sports bra because the H&M and Primark bras just don't offer enough support for high intensity workout or running (for yoga for example you could wear bras with light support). 

Another piece of advice is to not to be afraid to buy a small size. While I personally don't have a very small cup size, I still buy my sports bras in size Small - which is also what they always recommend at Nike - because the bra has to have a snug and secure fit. When you're in the fitting rooms, do the jumping test (just jump!) and see how the bra feels. It's okay for sports bras to sit tightly, but make sure it still feels comfortable around the arms and neck. I'd say buy one size smaller than you normally would.

You obviously need to wash your sports bras quite often, but make sure you wash them at a low temperature and then let them air-dry. What I sometimes do is when I take a shower after a work out, is take the bra with me in the shower and wash it with some washing liquid (keep a tiny bottle in the shower). Then let it dry overnight and it will be ready to use again the day after. 

I love sports bras and never exercise without one! I also wear them when I'm just relaxing in the evening or on a chill day, it's more comfy and relaxed. It's a real must for all you active girls out there:) Pass on any more sports bra tips if you have any!

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