Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June in pictures

Oops, it's been a week since I last blogged. I guess I just didn't spend as much time behind my laptop because 1) the weather is lovely 2) it's now my last week in London and 3) I spent the last few months behind my laptop working on my dissertation (I can proudly say that I'm so happy with my results, so it all paid off!) I hope I can make up for it this month with some good posts, hopefully some about travel and new adventures which I will tell you about soon. For now here's a little review of June in pictures, I can't believe how quickly time is going now! In June I spent my time in both London and Belgium, and I have a looot to show you.

I did a little road trip around the English countryside and our last stop of the day was Oxford, so beautiful! // Three coconut frozen yoghurts from Yog on Isabel's last night in London

When someone comes to visit me in London, I bring them to Kurobuta! The best flamed edamame and a Kirin beer with frozen foam 

First time I tried dessert at Kurobuta. I'm not a big dessert fan but this yuzu (type of lemon) dessert was incredible, but the star of the plate was the ice cream made of saké reduction. I'm not an ice cream fan but this was amazing! // London at night

A little bit of suntanning in the Italian Gardens // Homemade snack with handpicked forrest strawberries mmm!

Life in the countryside.. watching sunset with the cows ;) // totally contrasting, back in the city lusting after this adorable Givenchy mini Antigona bag

We didn't get the chance to celebrate midsummer in Sweden this year so we joined 3000-something other Swedes to celebrate it in Hyde Park! It was one of the hottest days and we had such a great time!  

Midsummer was kind of an unofficial gathering in the park, so everyone brought blankets, music, flower crowns, games, Swedish food and drinks! We were in the park from noon till 8 or 9 pm, totally exhausted. I really love this Swedish tradition // picked some anemones at home with my dog Nocho

A well-deserved iced latte after an interview in Antwerp // I see this little car everywhere in London in all pastel colours. It looks like an old-timer but it's actually a new car, so cute!

The MAS museum in Antwerp is not the most impressive museum, but the view from the roof is really cool and well worth a visit

You can read all about my day in Amsterdam here, fell a little bit in love with this city // even though I love these sandals, they weren't the best choice for a long day of walking over the canals, next time Nikes ;)

Before flying back to London, I received an awesome package from Vita Coco with my favourite coconut water to stay hydrated during the world cup, thank you! // landed at City Airport where the fire alarm went off so everyone had to be evacuated. Well I guess there's a first time for everything!

Couldn't have arrived at a better time, SALE! // tried on some Alaïa dresses that weren't on sale - sigh - one day...

Shopping makes you hungry, quick stop at the Good Life Eatery // my best sale purchases were from the Stella McCartney by Adidas sale. Wanted everything!

Dream house in London, right behind Harrods. This mews looked more like a village than a city! // got this cute striped crop top at Zara which will go perfectly with high waisted shorts

The best way to spend a Sunday in London is at the flower market (Columbia Road), it's so cosy. I got two bunches of beautiful roses for £5 

Gloomy weather in London, I kind of love it (until it starts to rain haha) // spotted this kitty in Notting Hill, London definitely doesn't have enough cats! 

I'm obsessed with iced lattes while one year ago I didn't even like coffee very much. The one from Timberyard was very strong and good. Usually I get one at Benugo

Catching up with a friend from highschool at the Selfridges rooftop // finally started foamrolling, it hurts so much but it feels great afterwards and my muscle pain is much less bad now

Breakfast + The Fault in Our Stars. Such a great and sad book, I can't wait to watch the movie // first attempt at home-made flower crowns for Midsummer 

Spotted this cool Mustang in London // handpicked sun-ripened strawberries from the neighbours back at home. Belgian strawberries are the best strawberries!

I was invited to a Robin-hood themed party last weekend so I decided to make another flower crown with flowers from the garden (ok I used the party as an excuse to wear a flower crown, love it!)

The party was one of the best I've been to; we ate, talked and danced until 7 am! // a night without sleep requires a mid-day nap with the cat. Purring is the most soothing sound ever, don't you agree?

Looked like June was a pretty busy month packed with fun things! I'm off to enjoy my last week in London now, I'm going to miss it so much but I'm sure I'll be back at some point. On to new adventures now :)

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