Friday, July 11, 2014

How to keep fit on holiday

Now that it's summer and you might have worked your butt off to get in good shape, there's no reason why you should let all that hard work go to waste. Holidays are all about relaxing, eating good food and generally enjoying life. I'm totally for eating whatever you want on holiday, time to treat yourself! But you could sneak in some activity here and there to stay fit. I've put together some things you can do to stay active while still enjoying your beach holiday or city trip. 

Beach holiday
- Swimming
The obvious holiday activity. Whether there's a pool, lake or the sea, you can swim all you want until you get tired. Swimming together is more fun when you're doing longer distances in the sea. 

- Walking along the beach
The perfect way to get an even tan while also being active. Try walking in the shallow water which is a bit more 'challenging'. 

- Morning/late evening run
Beach holiday destinations are usually super hot but in the mornings and late evenings the temperature is more bearable so there's no excuses not to go for a quick run. Run along the beach or explore the town while everyone's still sleeping. 

- Beach volleyball/beach tennis
Beach sports are so fun and super tiring since you're running through the sand. Get some friends together or ask some people if you can join them in their game. For beach tennis you only need one more person. Try to beat your high score!

- Watersports: paddleboaring, surfing etc. 
Watersports are not always available but when they are I'd definitely recommend trying some out. I really like paddleboarding, though it's easier to do on a lake than in the sea since it's quite hard to keep your balance. It's a full-body workout which is relaxing at the same time. Surfing is so fun once you get the hang of it and your arms will be super tired after a few hours.

City trip
- Bike around the city 
There's almost no better way to discover a new city than to rent some bikes and go sightseeing. When we were in Kyoto last year, we rented bikes and biked from place to place for two days and it couldn't have been better. We saw so many things we would've never seen otherwise and we were active pretty much all day. It's the perfect combination!

- Walking around
Instead of taking public transport and taxis everywhere, bring a good pair of shoes (trainers) and walk as much as you can. This way, you discover so much more and get a better idea of how the structure of the city. 

- Morning run/evening run 
Same as the beach holiday, though in cities you need to be a little more careful. If you wake up early, you can pass landmarks without the hordes of tourists and it's the perfect moment to snap some city pictures while you run. 

- Rope skipping
A jump rope takes in almost no space in your suitcase but it's a really handy thing to bring on a holiday. Rope skipping is a full-body cardio workout so you can't really go wrong with it. Try to skip until you're exhausted for a good workout! 

I hope this has given you some ideas for when you go on holiday this summer. I'm on holiday at the moment and I'm definitely making use of these tips right now :)

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