Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Foam Roller | Triggerpoint The Grid

So a few months ago I was at the gym and just finished my work out. I had seen some people using foamrollers but I had no clue how to use it. I wanted to try it! So I asked an instructor to teach me a thing or two about foam rolling. After that first time foam rolling, I was a total convert; what a great little thing! I'll explain to you what foam rolling is and why I love it. 
Foam rolling is basically a form of stretching and massaging (watch this video to see how a foam roller can be used). There's lots of different brands foam rollers out there but the most well known is The Grid by Triggerpoint, which is also the one I use at the gym and the one I bought to use at home (my whole family is already using it too haha). You can get it in different colours and I bought mine here. 

You should consider adding foam rolling to your exercising routine because...
- it stretches your muscles 
- it helps your muscles recover faster
- you will feel much less sore when you use the foam roller regularly which means you don't need to take as many recovery days in between workouts (like leg workouts)
- it helps with the suppleness and flexibility of your muscles
- you can use it on lots of different muscle groups 

But don't let the association with massaging deceive you. Foam rolling, if you do it right, kind of hurts (a lot). When foam rolling your calves for example, you try to find a "trigger point" where your muscle feels tense and then you spend about a minute concentrating on that spot with the foam roller, and sometimes this really hurts but you will feel so much better afterwards. So foam rolling is not a very fun thing to do, so you need to think about the benefits of it ;) 

So far I've mostly used the foam roller for my legs, as these are usually the most sore after a heavy workout or running. You can foam roll before or after a workout, in between workout, in the morning, evening.. there's never a bad time to foam roll! I spend about 15-20 minutes focusing on different "trigger points" and once I stand up my legs already feel much better. If traditional stretching just isn't doing enough for you, consider getting a foam roll or try it out at least. You'll probably like it as much as I do!

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