Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Swiss chard green smoothie

I don't make green smoothies very often because I just prefer eating my greens rather than drinking them. But yesterday I found some Swiss chard in the garden so I decided to make a bright green smoothie, which turned out to be pretty good. Read on for the recipe!
- Swiss chard (the main ingredient of this smoothie) - alternatively use baby spinach
- orange juice from one orange
- frozen mango
- ginger
- water, if you prefer a runny consistency
- on top: frozen raspberries, frozen pomegranate, coconut

I don't have exact measurements but I used a lot of Swiss chard and some fruit to sweeten it. I would probably add more fruit and some mint next time to lessen the 'green' flavour. Nonetheless it made quite a filling snack. And it matched the flower arrangements I made earlier :)

Do you make green smoothies? If you do, tell me what your favourite combination is, I'll try it out!

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