Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Zuma | London

You might see a lot of restaurant reviews on my blog the coming weeks because I only have one month left in London and still a lot of places to tell you about. One of these places is Zuma. Nobu and Zuma are pretty much competitors. Both are Japanese restaurants serving some of the best Japanese food in London. I had only been to Nobu before, but a few weeks ago my mom and I had a spontaneous lunch at Zuma (the same day we went to Kurobuta, Japanese food overload, can't get enough of it!)
Roka, another favourite of mine, is Zuma's little sister restaurant. I noticed a few elements that reminded me of Roka, like the beautiful wooden entrance door. 

I must admit that I prefer the interior of Roka much more. This feels a little impersonal somehow.

We sat down at the bar with view on the kitchen - my mom and I love seeing the kitchen action. She let me order a few things and the staff was extremely accommodating when it came to my mom's food allergies, you really can't be too careful. 

One by one, beautifully prepared dishes were placed in front of us. To start: the Zuma salad. Fresh and delicious. Especially the grilled/smoked tomatoes were perfect!

Next: seared beef with lime and coriander. So delicious!

Super yummy: crispy fried squid with lime and green chilli. I'm usually not a big fan of fried squid (only in Spain), but this was so good we couldn't stop eating it. Highly recommend this!

Grilled shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake is by far my favourite mushroom. The flavour is really strong and lingers on your tongue hours after you ate it. I love it but it might not be everyone's cup of tea. 

Miso black cod. I was actually a little disappointed with this. Miso black cod is my favourite dish ever, at Nobu and also at Roka. But at Zuma it just didn't taste the same. It was still really good but not 'wow' like usual. I also didn't love the orange zest sauce that came with it. 

Zuma popcorn. I had to try this because I love sweetcorn. This is fried sweetcorn with panko breadcrumbs. After the fried squid it was a bit too much greasy fried food for me, but this is a perfect starter if you're in a larger group. 

Ok this wasn't our sushi platter but we watched a chef prepare this so carefully and beautifully that I had to take a photo. Look at this beautiful little sushi garden, it's almost too pretty to eat!

Overall, the food at Zuma was really delicious like I expected. There are so many things I still would like to try. Roka, Zuma's little sister, is cosier in my opinion and the food is just as good (though the menu is different). Later this day we went to Kurobuta and both my mom and I agreed that the food was very different but equally delicious. There are just so many good Japanese restaurants in London! 

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