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Fit & health tag (Work That Es)

I love reading tags, though most of them are about beauty and fashion. I recently filled in the 25 questions tag and enjoyed that a lot so today I'm filling in a brand new fitness tag which Esmée came up with. She's super fit and super inspiring, thanks for coming up with this tag! 
Which sports do you practice?
Strength training at the gym and running. I play tennis occasionally but I would love to do it more often. I used to be in my school's tennis team and have such good memories from that time.

Favourite exercise?
Planking. It's a real challenge for me to improve my best time (6 min. so far), and it's so much about discipline and concentration, I think it's really tough! I also like rope skipping.

It depends. If I have a long and busy day ahead I'll eat porridge with nut butter. Banana bread with almond/peanut butter is also delicious. If I have a bit more time, I make a big smoothie or a fruit bowl. And if I have a long lazy day I'll definitely make banana pancakes, it's my favourite breakfast!

Which work-out song is on repeat at the moment?
High you are - What So Not Branchez Remix 

What's easier, eating healthy or sports?
Hm this is a tough one. For me, eating healthy is a balanced diet with something naughty here and there. I eat "healthy" most of the time and don't think it's too hard once it's a habit. I've only really gotten into sports since January. I think it's easy now because it's part of my daily routine, but if I didn't have a contract at a gym 2 min from my apartment I don't think I would be this active. So I can't really pick what's ''easier'', at the moment I'd say both.

Do you use supplements?
I take beer yeast, vitamin B and magnesium (for muscle cramps) everyday. I also have different kinds of tablets (vitamin C, magnesium and caffeine) which I sometimes take. I would like to take a protein supplement so I need to look into it.

Best fitspiration?
Instagram! I follow countless inspiring accounts, I wrote about my top 10 a while ago -click here-. Alexandra Bring is probably my number one inspiration. 

Cheat meal?
Oh this could be anything, I love food! But I really don't like proper fastfood like McDonalds, instead I love a fresh juicy hamburger with crunchy hand cut fries (Patty & Bun for example). But I don't think of it as a "cheat meal", because I treat myself whenever I feel like it without restrictions.

Favourite sports outfit?
Long tights from Nike with a t-shirt by Adidas which is made from a special material which keeps me cool (climacool). I always wear a sports bra from Nike (the x-back is my favourite). For shoes I pick my Nike TR training shoes or Nike Free 5.0 

Do you use sports/health apps?
Nike Running to track my outdoor runs and I recently downloaded Moves which tracks your movement throughout the day. I also like the Nike Training app for short 15 min workouts or for some inspiration when I'm at the gym. 

Biggest irritation during sports/exercise?
When I want to use a specific machine and it's being used, when guys stare or when someone smells like sweat (the worst!) 

How many pair of sports shoes do you own?
Two pairs for training, one for running and one for tennis. I wear my Nike shoes nearly ever day, they are just soo comfy!

Three things you can't live without?
Almond butter, because I'm addicted and my life is no longer complete anymore without it :) My phone because I use it for everything, though I wish I was a little less dependent on it (impossible!). And I can't live without fruit. If I was never able to eat fruit anymore I would be so sad, I can't go a single day without fruit!

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