Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sweet & savoury healthy snack ideas

As most of my time is now spent at my desk, writing my dissertation, I sometimes get a little bored. And when I'm bored, I eat. Though I have a lot of chocolate left from Easter, I decided I needed to come up with some better snacks. It might be easy to grab some chocolates or crisps, but these snacks are almost just as easy to "prepare" and they're a much better alternative. 
First up is edamame. I buy bags of frozen edamame in China Town, and you can find at pretty much any Japanese/Chinese store. I boil some water and put the amount of (frozen) edamame in a bowl together with the hot water. After a few minutes, drain the water, sprinkle some Maldon salt flakes and shichimi (optional) on the edamame and you're good to go. This a a very low-calorie snack filled with protein, fiber, magnesium and other vitamins.
Next up is something super easy and quick for people with a bit of a sweet tooth: roasted almonds and dates. Dates are filled with fiber, vitamin B and potassium. They are naturally very sweet, but don't eat too many of them as they do contain a lot of sugar (I eat about 3-4 at a time). Almonds are a perfect source of good fats, and they are filled with protein, fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Again, consume these in moderation so take about a handful as a snack. 

Remember this: sometimes when you're feeling a bit hungry or peckish, your body might actually be asking to be hydrated. So before eating, or together with your snacks, drink some water or herbal/green tea. Check out my six tips to stay hydrated throughout the day, so you won't mistakingly eat lots of snacks while your cravings could be satisfied simply by drinking more water. 

What are your favourite healthy snacks?

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