Friday, April 25, 2014

Running/training update III

First of all, I want to thank you for the positive feedback you've given me on my health post. A lot of you have read it and I hope I managed to somehow inspire you or make you think a bit about 'stuff' :) About two weeks left and I'll we running We Own The Night together with my friends! That also means I have about two weeks until I have to submit my dissertation... but let's forget that for a minute, blogging is my relaxation!

I feel like I haven't been running that much lately. Running longer distances at the gym (more than 5 k) is a bit boring and it's so hot in there I turn into a little sweaty tomato before I've even started strength training. I run a few kilometers to warm up, and I've found it fun to increase the speed and run a bit faster, hence the 'records'.  

So far, I ran 10 kilometers twice this month, once at the gym and once outside. The 10k at the gym wasn't a big success. It was hot and I can't really say I enjoyed it. Last Sunday I woke up early to run 10k in Regent's Park before it would start raining. The park was empty (Easter Sunday + bad weather), the temperature was perfect and it was a great run. Regent's Park is so beautiful and I love the challenge of running up Primrose Hill. It was also my fastest 10k - okay it was my fourth 10k ever but still - I was a happy girl!

I also went to pick up my race pack for WOTN. The colour of the t-shirt maybe isn't something I would personally pick but it goes well with my running shorts, don't you think?

In the meantime, strength training is going well! I still go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, alternating between legs days and abs/upper body days. I posted on Instagram that I managed to do a 5 minute plank and in the meantime my personal record is 6 minutes. I can feel that I get stronger week by week! Alexandra Bring posts new Youtube videos every Sunday and I've gotten some good work-out inspiration from it so check it out. 

After my run on Sunday I accidentally put my old little iPod in the wash.. oops! I was scared it would be broken, especially after losing my Nocs earphones, I couldn't deal with another "loss" ;) But I put it right into a bowl of rice for 2 days and it still (kind of) works now! Anyway, here are my favourite work-out songs of the past few weeks. A mix of old and newly discovered songs (click on them to go straight to the song)

We Are Now Connected | Mord Fustang 
Wild Child | WEKEED
Sail | Awolnation (Unlimited gravity dubstep remix)
Iron Heart | Netsky
Higher Ground | TNGHT
Flawless | Beyonce 
Heartbreaker | MSTRKRFT (Laidback Luke remix)
High You Are | What So Not (Branchez remix)
Knobbers | Crookers
Perfect | Mason vs Princess Superstar
Stay | Rihanna (Branchez remix)

Please share your favourite good work out songs:)

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