Saturday, April 5, 2014

Catrice eyebrow powder

As much as I like trying new make-up products, once I find a winner I stick to it. One of these products is the brow powder duo from Catrice. I have blonde eyebrows which I like to make a little bit darker and give some more shape and definition. I like brow powder because give a very natural look, especially compared to brow pencils. 
This brow set contains 2 shades: one more ash-toned and one brown. I mostly use the lighter colour as it matches my blond hair, but I sometimes mix the two colours together if I feel like having slightly darker brows. I recently bought a new set because my old one is so battered and the lid fell off so it's really inconvenient to travel with. I've used it for more than a year I think so it lasts for ages!

The set includes mini-tweezers and a tiny eyebrow brush/spooly. I don't use these but they could be handy when you use this on-the-go. 

The colours probably don't match every hair colour (like very dark hair) but if you're blonde/brown haired you should have a look at it! It's available in Belgium, the Netherlands and in Germany (as far as I know) at drugstores. It costs around 4 euros so it's a real bargain for the quality!

What do you use to shape/colour your brows?

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