Friday, February 28, 2014

Work out playlist & the best earphones

I started going to the gym four to five times a week in January, with the goal of becoming strong and fit. Nearly two months later I've started noticing some progress which is pretty exciting. What keeps me going during a work-out is some good music, so I'll share my favourite songs with you. 
The following songs are what I listen to right now when I'm at the gym, either running or doing strength training. Some songs I've had for ages, and some are new. I like to change up my music quite often so I might share another playlist when I've found new songs!

Three of my favourites: (couldn't add them to the playlist for some reason)
Addicted to you - Avicii
Pyramid song - Radio Head (Zeds dead remix)

I put this playlist on my little iPod nano, and always take my Nocs earphones with me. I had to go without these for a few weeks and use Apple earphones instead, but I was so happy when I got my new Nocs earphones, they are so much better than any earphones I've ever tried. Nocs a Swedish brand that makes high quality head- and earphones. 

Why I love them:
 They are very comfortable. I can wear these for hours while studying and they won't hurt my ears (unlike the Apple earphones). The earphones come with a little bag filled with different sizes "earbuds" so you can make them perfect for you.
 They are noise canceling which is the main reason why I like them so much. It makes you feel like you're in your own little bubble, without being disturbed or distracted by the noises around you. This also means you don't need to turn the volume to the max in order to hear the song properly (which I had to do with other earphones)
 The sound is really great. 
 The flat cable makes sure that they don't tangle. Who's got time to detangle earphones?
 The design is very sleek and simple.
 There's a little control near the right earphone which allows you to change songs etc. without having to take out your iPhone or iPod 
 Nocs' customer service is the BEST I've ever experienced. Friendly, quick, helpful. 

I've used Nocs earphones for a couple of years now and I never told you about them. I can really recommend them to you if you're looking for some high sound quality earphones that you can use for studying, running, commuting, working out... anything. I used to have these, but now I have these and I prefer the flat cable for practical reasons. 

Please share your favourite work-out songs with me!

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