Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunny Friday in London I

Last Friday was the first full day of my brother's weekend in London, and as the sun was shining - which you know I love - we headed off to Chelsea for some food & culture (mostly food though). You really need to make most of the sunny days in London so we spent the whole day walking around. This is part one of Friday since I took so many pictures.

I spotted a brand new Comptoir Libanais right next to the Zara at Sloane Square. One of my favourite Lebanese lunch spots, where we probably would have stopped and eaten if I hadn't made reservations at Kurobuta. 

My brother loves flipping through books, so we stopped at the Taschen store for a while. I think the books have a better price here than when you buy Taschen books in other stores, so we bought some books as gifts. If you're looking for a nice gift, you might find it here, there's something for nearly everyone I'd say. 

Next we headed to the Saatchi Gallery even though there weren't any exhibitions I wanted to see in specific. 

The exhibitions weren't really our thing, so we spent some time in the (I think new?) Saatchi store looking at books and magazines. 

I fell in love with Nick Knight's Always & Forever shoot in Garage magazine; the effects are so cool and surreal. Click here to see the whole shoot. 

Before heading off I quickly went downstairs to see if there was anything we had missed, and there was. As I approached this space, I first thought it consisted of a lower-ground floor. However it was simply the reflection of the ceiling I was seeing, and the black 'water' was actually oil. This work is called 20:50 by Richard Wilson.

What I like about this work is that it strongly reminds me of Hiroshi Sugimoto's Seascapes photographs (click here to see one). He's my favourite photographer and I'd love to have on of his works in my house later. But for now, my own version of Seascapes (or should I say Oilscapes) will have to do ;)

Then it was time to get back into the sun and go to Kurobuta for lunch, which you can read all about in my last post

What I'm wearing: leather Burberry coat, my favourite skinny jeans from Gina Tricot, boots from Zara and Givenchy bag. 

 After lunch we walked past so many shop windows filled with delicious looking things.

Old school fire station

We had a little peek at an art fair called Parallax held in Chelsea Town Hall. I saw these beautiful photographs of a black horse, love them! (by Leanne Bolger)

After seeing the incredible desserts at L'Eto, we couldn't resist getting something sweet after lunch. So many delicious things all in one place!

Everything looked amazing but in the end we opted for the Vienna cheesecake, which was - it's getting boring now - delicious. 

I definitely want to come back here for lunch and dessert! There's several locations dotted around London, perfect for a treat. 

We sat down in the sun to eat our cheesecake with this little guy next to us. I love those dogs, they have so much personality and cuteness.

I'll post part two of our day tomorrow, so check back to see what else we were up to.

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