Thursday, January 2, 2014

Toast aux champignons

I have a thing for mushrooms. Shiitakes, morels, chanterelles, cremini, boletus... you name it, I love it. So it's not a suprise that toast aux champignons (mushroom toast, for the non-French speaking) is one of my favourite things to eat. It's a very simple and earthy tasting dish; perfect to start the new year with. I snapped some pictures while helping my mom preparing toast aux champignons with salad for a light but slightly decadent lunch on January 1st. 

I started with slicing up 4 packs of different mushrooms. These were store-bought, but if you can, use mushrooms you either picked yourself (like they do in Sweden), or ones you bought at a market; they will have a much stronger flavour. The more different kinds of mushrooms you use, the more flavours you'll have. 

Another important part of this dish is the bread. You'll want to use a nice loaf of fresh, uncut sourdough bread.

After you've sliced the mushrooms, add a big lump of butter to a large pan and throw in your mushrooms. Don't stir them too often!

Allow the mushrooms to become golden. After a while, add a finely sliced garlic clove. Garlic and mushrooms go together wonderfully. 

Next, my mom sent me out to get some parsley from the garden. Store-bought parsley will also work of course. This herb really complements the earthy flavours of the mushrooms and adds a fresh green touch. 

Once the mushrooms look like this, add some salt and lots of pepper and put them to the side. 

Now it's time for the toast! You'll want to cut some thicks slices...

... and put toast them in a pan with some butter and olive oil until you're left with crispy, golden brown toast. 

For a healthy touch, my mom prepared a little salad on the side with a sour cream, olive oil, mayonaise, truffle, tahini, za'tar and pepper dressing. 

When the toast is ready, place it on the plates. My mom then put the pan with mushrooms back on medium/high heat and added some single cream. When the mushrooms and cream have cooked together for a minute, put it on the toast and sprinkle with parsley. Eat while it's hot :)

Bon app├ętit!

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