Saturday, January 25, 2014

January in pictures

January is almost over so I thought it would be fun to share some pictures from my phone and instagram. There's a new trend going around in the blogosphere: plogging (photo-blogging), which is basically taking pictures of your whole day. Well I won't go that far, but here's a few pictures of the past month. If you like to follow me on instagram my name is athenadb. 
I tried on this dress at Zara and wasn't really sure about it, but I ended up buying it today. I think it's really cute! // I've been trying out polishes from my recent CiatĂ© purchase and I love this combo. Amazing gracie on all nails and party shoes on my ring finger. 

I just discovered Flatplanet, a cute café/restaurant next to Liberty's. Pink Lemonde is one of my favourite drinks!

I love it when the sky turns this colour just after the sun goes down. Amazing in combination with a purple Selfridges! // One of my favourite outfits: my navy Zara jumper and a navy fur gilet on top. 

I love having flowers in my room. These roses lasted for over a week and when I bought them they were already reduced // Last Friday I went to watch The Wolf of Wall Street with a group of friends, crazy movie!

My friend got us seats at this Scandinavian talk show called Skavlan. We got to listen to Gordon Ramsay, Kenneth Branagh and David Walliams! // An outfit which I wore for a long day at uni: a skort, a black cashmere jumper and boots. 

Last Thursday the director of corporate affairs at Starbucks came to speak at my university. It was interesting to hear about his experiences with crisis communications and social media. At the start he made a 'joke' that you would get a free kitten with every coffee. I wish! // This grumpy cat made me laugh

I still can't figure out whether we'll be having a winter or not, but I'm glad I still have my winter coat here in London // I spotted these adorable keychains at Fenwick, from Sophie Hulme. She designs really cool belts too.

A few weeks ago I finally signed up at the gym. With my dissertation deadline coming up I need some kind of exercise in my life to relax. My goal is to become stronger and fitter. I try to go to the gym every other day and book some classes every week. So far my favourite class is circuits; I can barely walk stairs after that! I'm always so red post-workout...

Another outfit from this week, everything from Zara. // My studying essentials: a scented candle and a big pot of tea.

This morning I went to Le Pain Quotidien to work a bit. I'm not a coffee fan but sometimes I feel like having it. Check out the size of this latte though, it's the size of a bowl of soup! I also ordered a soft boiled egg. I have been eating these regularly the past few months, especially after I discovered how delicious it is to add a bit of butter to the egg and then dip the bread in it. 

I enjoy reading these posts on other blogs, so I hope you like this kind of personal post, let me know!

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