Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Most loved VII

It's time for another most loved post; I can't even remember when I posted the last one! So here's a random little collection of my favourite things of the past few weeks.

Fruit: pomegranate
While it's super delicious it can be a little annoying to get all the little pieces out of a pomegranate. Nonetheless, this has been my favourite fruit to add to fruit salads, yogurt or smoothies. 

Scent: Diptique Christmas candles
I'm a big fan of Diptique, and I think these limited edition candles smell really great. I particularly like the green one which smells like pine trees.  

Landscape: Japanese gardens
Gardens in Japan are designed in a way that they seamlessly connect with the landscape behind (the hills), and they are held in impeccable condition. This landscape in Nara was one of my favourites, with the autumn colours coming through. 

Drink: Pulp Juice
During our layover in Dubai I discovered Pulp, a juice bar where you can get fresh juices. There is a menu but you can also make your own combinations. My juice combo: orange, lime, ginger and raspberry. And look at the massive size of this thing, love it! Unfortunately Pulp is a Dubai-only thing.

Morning: a few hours at the beach
On our way home from Japan, we spent one day in Dubai. I had never been but wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but I don't think I would return here (maybe it was too big of a culture shock after Japan). However you can't really beat a white beach with beautiful blue water. We spent the whole morning there, soaking up some sun and swimming.  

Animal: Owl
I'm a big animal lover, but my favourite animal since I was little has been the owl. In Japan, we got to see hundreds of different kinds of owls and even stroke them, so it was like my little girl's dream finally came true. 

Show: Modern Family
I started watching this show in October and I just finished watching the latest episode. I really love this show. It's really funny and I love the characters in it. If you haven't seen this, start watching it now!

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