Friday, September 6, 2013

My first perfume

I only started wearing perfume when I was about 18 years old. I was never the type of girl who couldn't leave the house without perfume. Quite the opposite, I kind of disliked perfume in general: too strong, too sweet, to artificial... Just not me. But one day I was determined to find the right perfume, so I had a look at the pretty Diptique perfumes. After sniffing each and every one of them I finally found the one for me: Philosykos. (read my review)

After a few years of using and cherishing Philosykos, my little bottle is almost empty! Finishing a perfume bottle might be the most normal thing in the world for most women, but for me it's special. Once this bottle if finished the first thing I'll do is buy a new one (even though the packaging is - and less pretty in my opinion - now). This has, after all, become my signature scent and until today I haven't found a perfume which I like more. 

If like me, you find it difficult to find a perfume you like, try looking for more 'alternative' brands (not the ones you buy at the duty free shop). There's plenty of boutique shops which sell more unique scents. Maybe start with Diptique, they have some really unique scents!

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