Thursday, August 29, 2013

I ♥ Hema

If you're not from Belgium or the Netherlands, you might not know what Hema is. It's a Dutch shop where you can buy a whole variety of things: clothes, underwear, make-up, food, stationery, kitchen-ware, jewellery and there's usually even a cafeteria where you can have a quick bite to eat. It's that type of shop where you really can't go without buying anything. Hema always has the best stationery, so for all you students (or stationery lovers) out there, I'll show you what I bought recently.

First I bought a huge pack of bright little notebooks. I think there were 10 in there, and I'm sure I'll use them a lot this year for taking notes at uni. 

Then I also got this little booklet, super cute with the stars and stripes...

... where inside you'll find a bunch of post-it notes with different patterns. How cute is this?

Something else I loved finding were these rolls of washi tape. A soft kind of tape which you can use for decorating or wrapping presents. Love this! The pink/red striped one reminds me of the Victoria's Secret shopping bags. 

They had tons of different kinds of tape, even a large 10-pack with all different patterns and colours. 

I also like getting essentials at Hema. They have the perfect small packs of cotton pads and cue tips for traveling as well as a small-sized bottle of contact lens solution. 

Last but not least, an invention I couldn't live without anymore. I used to buy this nail polish remover at Sephora but it's hard to find, so I'm happy that more brands have it now. I love the packaging of this one, so girly.

I love Hema! What do you like to buy there?

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