Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Most loved III

Time for another posts with my favourite things from the past few weeks. I've already had a great start to my summer and I've done lots of things like travelling and taking driving lessons (but the latter definitely doesn't fall under the most loved category).  Here is my most loved...

Shop window: Louis Vuitton
When I walked past the Louis Vuitton store on Bond Street, I couldn't help but stand still and take a look at the cool gold dinosaurs in the shop windows. LV always has the most incredible shop windows, but I think these dinosaurs are extra cool. I mean, look at that T. Rex carrying the Speedy bag! 

City: Stockholm
I've lost my heart to Stockholm. Everyone is well-dressed, the streets are spotless, the buildings are big & impressive, the old town is cute and the ice lattes are perfect... I could go on and on but I'll write a post about this cool city this week. 

Hair accessory: Flower crown
I think flower crowns are the best accessories ever and I wish I'd have an excuse to make/wear them more often. So fairytale-like.

Clothing item: Wildfox I'd rather be shopping sweater
Perfectly warm, casual and cute at the same time. And for 50 pounds it was the perfect bargain. I feel like I've been wearing it all the time since I bought it. I can't find this exact one online, but my other favourite Wildfox sweaters on sale are this I love my cat one, , this shopping is my cardio one and this classic heart one. This meow! one is not one sale but is so perfect for me, I want it!

Fast food: Max (Sweden)
I'm not a big fan of fast food and I pretty much hate McDonalds, but Max managed to win me over. The burgers are freshly made and there's a big selection of sauces (and all you can eat ketchup). This fast food chain is even very environmentally conscious Very tasty!

Flower: Anemone 
Last year we only had blue anemones in the garden, so this year I planted some more colours (Martha Stewart would be proud). I bought red anemones at Columbia Road Flower market a few months ago, and I'm glad I finally have them again. So pretty!

TV Show: Revenge
Now that the producers from The Borgias announced that the show won't continue (sob!) I started watching another show: Revenge. Apparently season 2 isn't very good, but I'm loving season 1. I like the thriller aspect of it!
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