Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flat Iron Steak | London

I discovered Flat Iron back when it first opened. There was a long queue before the little restaurant and when I got home I checked out the Facebook page; it said "Free Wagyu beef!"It was a missed opportunity for me, but I promised myself I would go there soon. I love discovering new places so on a Sunday afternoon I went to try out Flat Iron with my friends. We were too busy chatting and gossiping that I forgot to take photos. So during my most recent visit, I took some photos for you. 
First a word of advice: don't go here on a Friday evening. When I went on a Sunday for lunch, we got a table straight away. On Friday evenings, the waiting time can be up to two hours, if not more. I would rather spend a little more and go to Le Relais de Venise (read my review here), where the waiting time is maximum 40 minutes.

Cheap and good restaurants in London are very popular and almost never take reservations (like Patty & Bun for example), so you'll need to be a bit strategic about when you go. Anyway, back to the steak! There's only one thing on the menu: a flat iron steak and a small salad for 10 pounds, and sauces, chips, salads and vegetables ranging between 1 and 4 pounds. 

You get a fun little butchers knife to cut your steak! As a starter, you get some salty popcorn. Bonus points because I love popcorn!

I want to start with the best part of the meal: the fries. They taste exactly like the fries you can get in Belgium at the Frituur (shacks where you can buy Belgium fast food: fries etc.). The flavour brings me right back home! 

The steak is reasonably sized and tastes good but it's nothing exceptional. But for 10 pounds you couldn't find anything better in central London. It's just a good, average steak. The sauces are good too, but there is too little of it. I like to have a lot of sauce with my steak and fries. The upside is that you can order a few different ones to try.  

The night that we went, it was extremely noisy in the little restaurant, a little too loud maybe. Again, I recommend going during the day for a more relaxed experience. 

Update: some better pictures from my most recent visit

Flat Iron is the perfect place for a relatively cheap meal at a cosy restaurant. If you go in with low expectations you'll be pleasantly surprised. If you have more to spend, go to Le Relais de Venise, if you have less to spend, this is a good alternative. I'll be back here for Sunday afternoon steaks and fries! 

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