Monday, June 3, 2013

High above the ground

While my dad was here on a short visit last weekened, we went to a place where I have wanted to go since I first heard about it last year. A place where you can see the whole of Central London without having to step on a plane at Heathrow. It's 40 floors above the ground and shows a breathtaking view of London. It's called Heron Tower.

There's something very peaceful about The City on a Saturday morning. The area in London which is so extremely busy in the week, turns into a completely different world on the weekend. After breakfast and a walk through The City, we wanted to have a little tea and coffee break. So we went up 40 floors in Heron Tower, to one of its two restaurants Duck & Waffle.

This restaurant is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. To eat here, you'll have to make a reservation several weeks (!) in advance, but for a cappuccino and a green tea, we popped down on the quirky bar stools and looked at London in its full glory. It was pretty impressive to see London from another angle. 

How many landmarks can you spot? 

The interior of Duck & Waffle is not my thing, let's put it that way. So next time, I'd love to try out Sushi Samba, the sushi restaurant one floor below which has a huge terrace. 

Overall, a supercool place to have a tea, cocktails, lunch, brunch, midnight snack and so on... Would love to see London at sunset! 

After our tea and coffee, we took the superfast elevator down again, coming back to earth. If you're in London, go up to this little piece of heaven, you won't regret it!

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