Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sticks 'n Sushi | Wimbledon

I think I might have found a new favorite sushi restaurant (not counting Nobu). It's called Sticks 'n Sushi, and it's a little bit further away from the heart of London, in Wimbledon, but it's much better than most of the mid-priced Central London sushi places. My friend Katarina had been talking about this place numerous times so when she finally planned a girls night at Sticks 'n Sushi, I was filled with anticipation. And it managed to exceed my expectations...
Sticks 'n Sushi | Wimbledon

Sticks 'n Sushi is actually a popular restaurant group in Denmark. The huge Wimbledon branch which opened last year is the first one outside of Denmark! Lucky us, because it's just 30-40 minutes away from Central London and trust me, it's worth it. The restaurant design is really cool and there's a lovely atmosphere. It kind of reminds me of the trendy Asian restaurants in Antwerp.  

But more importantly the food... There are two menus and the options are endless! Sushi, sashimi, sticks (refers to the name, are just grilled sticks of meat, vegetables or fish) and other goodies (for the non-sushi fans). I chose for my favorite, Calfornia roll and the Ebi roll. My goodness, this fried prawn roll with avocado might be the best thing ever. I think everyone agreed that these were the highlight of our meal! Even writing about it now makes my mouth water.

Sushi + huge heaps of wasabi and ginger

Yummy California roll..

The restaurant was cool, the service was fast and friendly and the food was amazing. And all that for really reasonable prices. Trust me, it's worth the trek from the Central London 'bubble'! If you ever find yourself in Wimbledon, make sure to check out Sticks 'n Sushi. It's just a short walk from the station, on 58 Wimbledon Hill Road. It's also the perfect place for some good cocktails or take-away. 

I already can't wait for my next visit!

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