Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Antwerp Vreemdelingenmarkt (foreigners market)

If you're in Antwerp on a Saturday, there's a place you mustn't miss: de Vreemdelingenmarkt; the foreigners market. I believe it got this name because of the exotic food you can buy here: Turkish, Moroccan, Italian but also local products. It's just a massive market, with a foreign touch. It's open every Saturday and the perfect place to grab a bite before a shopping trip. And that's exactly what we did last time I was in Belgium...

 The market is located at the Stadsschouwburg, one of Antwerp's biggest theaters which is easy to spot thanks to the big roof. 

We started off with some shrimp croquettes (garnaalkroketten) from this cute little lighthouse. 

A big squeeze of lemon and you're ready to go (unfortunately I can't recommend these though, we all decided we had tasted better croquettes before)

The main 'stars' of the fruit and vegetable stands were the strawberries and asparagus. These two are the typical fruit and vegetable of this season and the area. 

This Mediterranean stand was a little more 'exotic' , with fresh mozzarella, feta, ricotta, moussaka, baklava and other typical Mediterranean dishes.  

The market is huge and goes on and on...

More strawberries

I love discovering vegetables I haven't seen before. Check out those little round courgettes and those huge purple aubergines!

This is a stand I hadn't seen before "Grandmother's fresh waffles". I assume they mean grandmother's recipe because I didn't see a cute granny baking waffles ;)

There were 10 different kinds, but we chose the natural ones, freshly made and still a bit warm. So good! 

Wild asparagus...

Fresh crusty French baguettes...

And last but not least, the reason why we (and possibly the rest of Antwerp) love to go to this market: Moroccan flatbread. There's a whole team making these little 'pancakes' which are freshly made and filled with all kinds of Moroccan goodies: feta cheese, olives, peppers, honey... 

I always ask for flatbread without anything in it because I think it's too good and fresh to 'spoil' with too many other flavours..

while my sisters loves the feta cheese and honey filling

With our tummies full, we strolled off the Antwerp's many little shopping streets and said goodbye to the market... until next time!

De Vreemdelingenmarkt is open every Saturday from 8 am till 4 pm. Another must-see when you're in Antwerp! 

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