Saturday, March 23, 2013

Patty & Bun | London

Last weekend my brother payed me a visit. And we ate A LOT. On Thursday we had  lobsters at Burger&Lobster, on Friday we ate steak at Le Relais de Venise, on Saturday we had burgers at Byron and to top it all off we had another burger on Sunday. Let's not forget every single one of those meals came with french fries. One hell of a weekend! I can't even imagine how we managed to eat it all. I haven't written a review about the last place: burgers at Patty&Bun. 
Patty&Bun is located on St. James street. A street filled with restaurants one after the other. I would have liked to find this place in a little hidden hatch of London, but it's very easy to reach from Bond St. station so I can't complain. I was very excited to eat at Patty&Bun, after reading a review which claimed they had the best burgers in London. 

The restaurant itself is really tiny, so I'd recommend only bringing one or two friends along, not more. My brother and I only waited for about 10 minutes, as all the groups before us were more than 2.

There's a small range of interesting burgers on the menu, but I just went for the most basic one: the Ari Gold Cheeseburger with a side of rosemary salt fries. 

We also ordered some chicken wings as a side. 

We ordered, and within 10 minutes our food arrived. No plates here. Just super basic, eating out of a paper wrap. Mmm it looked so good!

The burgers were super juicy (maybe even a little too juicy for my taste) with lots of sauce and other good stuff. Probably in the top 5 of best burgers I've ever had. SO delicious!

The fries... oh the fries. Just how I like them, skin-on, hand cut, not too thick and super crunchy. Perfect perfect perfect! The chicken wings are very rich and sticky, not something for the faint hearted!

As I said, the restaurant is tiny. The interior looks super low budget but that didn't really bother me. It's all about the food here, no fuss.  

My brother decided that he still prefers Byron burgers (less juicy, generally tastier?), but I'll have to come back to Patty&Bun to make up my mind (edit: I've come back, and this is probably London's best burger). I think it's because we had a food overdose that weekend that we couldn't enjoy this burger to the fullest, so I must come back whenever I'm craving a good burger. And the fries are to die for!

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