Saturday, February 23, 2013

Whole Foods Market | High Street Kensington

Whole Foods Market is one of my favorite grocery stores in London. The two biggest branches in London are at Piccadilly Circus and on High Street Kensington. I prefer the second one because it's huge. I showed Montana around Whole Foods last week and her reactions were just like mine when I first visited the shop: "I want to eat everything!" I took some photos so you can see why.. 

Almost everything at Whole Foods is either organic, natural or both. That pushes up the prices a little so it's not really a place where you can shop everyday as a student. But if I could I'd come here everyday. They have pretty much everything you will ever need, and every single thing looks appealing.

.. and there's much more where that came from. It looks so good right? There's also hot take-away food, fresh salads, sushi, soup.. I'm getting hungry already. If you're visiting London I definitely recommend visiting one of the Whole Foods branches, you'll love it!

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