Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunday walks in Hyde Park

I love Hyde Park. It's huge, it's green, there are dogs running around and it just makes me feel at home. After living in the countryside for over 18 years, moving to a big city was kind of a big change. I love being surrounded by nature and going for long walks with my litte dog. I think Hyde Park is as close as I can get to the home feeling. Last Sunday was had the most beautiful sunny and windy day, so I went out to get some fresh air. 
Hyde Park is not around the corner, so I took a little tube ride to Marble Arch. Just look at the sky! I mean it was dark, grey and snowing last week. Is winter officially over?

In the park, I saw kids running around Diana's memorial fountain, dogs jumping into the pond, some people going for a jog and everyone just seemed genuinely happy. Bliss!

Moments like these also make me wish my dog was here. How nice would it be to take her out for Sundays walks and watch her run around with all the other dogs? London is just a little to impractical for a dog in so many ways but if it wasn't I'd bring her here in a heart beat. 

Bird-man feeding the ducks, swans and pigeons. Seems like a peaceful scene but there were birds flying all around him going crazy for the food. I got out fast! (scared of experiencing the awkward a-bird-pooped-on-me-moment)

Even the statue was squinting because of the sun ;)

Lastly, my favorite 'street' in Hyde Park. I just love this long lane with the huge trees. 

Which park is your favorite? I must visit Kew Gardens when the weather gets better! 

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