Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recipe: crunchy cornflake-chocolate clusters

A while ago, I saw a box of cornflake-chocolate clusters at M&S and I was tempted to buy it, until I figured out I could try to make it myself. Cornflakes and chocolate clusters seemed very easy to make, so I got myself some regular cornflakes and dark chocolate and whipped up something yummy, crunchy and very chocolaty!

what you'll need for one batch of clusters
- 200 grams dark chocolate (or the chocolate of your choice)
- regular, unsweetened cornflakes (about 4 cups)

how to make it
Melt the chocolate in a little pan on low heat. Stir till smooth so it doesn't burn. Take a large bowl, pour in some cornflakes and pour over the chocolate. If it looks very chocolaty, add some more cornflakes, but make sure all your flakes get covered in chocolate, otherwise they won't stick well.

Line a tray or cake pan with baking parchment and divide the mixture evenly over it. Pop it in the fridge or freezer until the chocolate has fully hardened. Take it out (the parchment should be easy to remove), cut into pieces and enjoy with a cold glass of milk. No added sugar, just plain cornflakes and dark chocolate. It's a guilt-free chocolate fix!

ps. This is is 300th post, HURRAY!
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