Saturday, February 2, 2013

A balanced breakfast?

Recently I've been putting a little more effort into my breakfasts. I've been experimenting with different smoothies (and I found a winner!) accompanied by a bowl of porridge. Not super elaborate, but better than my breakfasts last year when I would just have some fruit and yogurt but I'd get hungry after a few hours. I am much happier with my new breakfast routine. Keep reading if you'd like to know more :)
Green tea with lemon, porridge and a banana-orange juice-raspberry smoothie (the best basic smoothie!)
Porridge is really filling and yummy. I make mine in a small pan with milk, cinnamon and some dark brown sugar. The smoothies seem good to get the daily dose of fruit and vitamins. I also like adding spinach to them to get my dose of greens. I love smoothies! To get rehydrated after a long night's sleep I drink a cup of herbal/green tea. I'm also trying out the whole drink-a-glass-of-water-with-lemon-before-breakfast thing. Not too sure about that one.
Raspberry, banana and yogurt smoothie and porridge
I also like dairy-based smoothies (with yogurt) but I recently read somewhere that the combination of fruit and dairy is not ideal so I try not to mix these two together so much anymore. I'm not sure anymore if combining porridge (containing milk) with a smoothie is a good idea, does anyone know? 
My favorite smoothie and porridge
When I'm really in a hurry I either eat porridge or make a huge smoothie. 

I'm curious, what's your breakfast routine? I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job with creating a balanced breakfast but I'm not too sure. Is there such a thing as an ideal breakfast? 

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