Monday, January 21, 2013

The Silence Room at Selfridges

In 1909, Harry Gordon Selfridge introduced The Silence Room: a room where shoppers could escape from the energetic and busy shopping experience at Selfridges. When my brother - aspiring architect - told me to visit the new Silence Room at Selfridges, I had to go see what the fuss was about (and take some sneaky photos). 

The Silence Room is part of the new No-Noise concept: finding the beauty in function and celebrating the power of quiet. The architect, Alex Cochrane, did a wonderful job at creating a new Silence Room. You must take off your shoes at the entrance, which I didn't mind because the floor and walls are made of soft felt. You walk through a rather dark corridor to get to the entrance of the room. There, you can lie on the 'beds' or seats which made of a thick layer of felt. The led light gives a pleasant glow to the large room.  
Luckily I got to experience the Silence Room with no one around me... 

It's really nice to relax for a while, and become zen. Although the room is not completely silent (you can hear some noise from the café), it is the perfect place to get away from the extremely busy Oxford Street. I was very tempted to take a nap, but decided it was a bad idea and thanked my wise decision when a girl walked in five minutes later. 

I think this is exactly what Selfridges needed, especially after seeing the chaotic boxing day on the news. The No-Noise concept runs until the end of February, but I'm not sure whether the Silence Room is permanent or not. Definitely a must-visit when you're in Londen!
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