Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Health shopping

The thing I don't like about coming back to London after 3 weeks is that there's zero food in my (micro) kitchen. The last days before I left, I lived off the very last left overs which meant that I had almost nothing to eat when I came back last week. After some 'normal' grocery shopping, I wanted to do some healthy shopping, so went to Holland & Barrett for the first time and got a few bits and bobs..
From left to right: 

Toasted coconut chips: my favorite thing to add to yogurt (or even better, homemade frozen yogurt). Not necessarily healthy, but oh so gooooood. 

Organic Beetroot juice: I read an interesting post about this wonder-juice on beautylab.nl. Beetroots are very good for you because it purifies your blood. I wanted to try it out so here I am, sipping on some beet root juice every day (not very tasty). 

Omega Sprinkle seeds: I like adding seeds to salad and yogurt so I bought this little bag which contains pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds. I like the big mix of seeds, it's not very easy to find. 

Porridge oats: I like eating porridge for breakfast because it's tasty and quite filling. I found this 1 kg bag of good quality oats for only £1.99. 

I had never been into Holland & Barrett before because I thought they only sold these big protein shakes and vitamins, but I found that they have a huge choice of dried fruits, seeds and muesli. It's a bit like Whole Foods but cheaper. They also had a great variety of fresh spices to I might go back to get some to spice up my cooking.  
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