Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are you a crazy cat person?

I think I can safely say that my sister, my brother and I are all crazy cat people. I do love my little dog the most, but it's just a different kind of love that I have for our three cats (mostly our lilac British shorthair). 

I found this fun page on Tumblr for cat lovers. Some things are too crazy but I can totally relate to the following statements...

Things crazy cat people do:

- You feel bad when you have to move and your cat is sleeping on you
- You can't stay mad at your cat, even when they've chewed up your earphones for the second time
- You get distracted from what you're doing because of your cat's cuteness
- When you get home you're more excited to see your cat then your cat is to see you
- When you think about what you did wrong when your cat decides to get up after sleeping next to you
- You get personally offended when someone dislikes your cat
- You've reenacted the circle of life scene from the Lion King with your cat
- Not making your bed because your cat is sleeping on it
- You force your cat to sit on your lap
- Whenever your cat is on someone else's bed you kidnap them and bring them to your bed
- You have tried to carry your cat around in a basket
- You can't look at your cat without thinking "Awww"
- If your cat falls asleep in the middle of your bed you sleep on the edges to avoid waking her up
- You send your cat a postcard when you're on holiday 
- You argue with your siblings about who gets to have the cat when you're watching tv, and you're disappointed when your cat chooses to sleep on someone else's lap
- Your URL is cat related (oops!)

If you relate to some or all of these statements, you are definitely a big cat lover. I wish I could have on of my cats here in London so I'd have someone waiting for me whenever  I would get home!

What crazy cat things do you do? 
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