Monday, September 10, 2012

Red Lights

Today a little movie review for you. I went to the movies with my boyfriend a while ago and we decided to watch Red Lights, which had just come out that day. We watched the trailer before and I was intrigued because I hadn't seen any similar movies to this. According to IMDB it's a thriller/drama/horror movie. It sure was a little scary sometimes, my boyfriend even got a little annoyed because I was squeezing his arm so much :). Read on if you want to see what I thought of it..

The story is about two Psychologists/paranormal researchers made it their job to expose the mysteries behind fake psychic's and other paranormal events. There is only one famous psychic, Simon Silver (Robert de Niro) they haven't been able to expose yet. I don't want to reveal too much, but you can watch the trailer. 

I quite liked the movie. It was thrilling and made me curious all the time, there were some freaky scenes and cool effects, but the end was a tiny bit weird and disappointing (but that doesn't make the whole movie bad). However, if you like a thriller with a hint of horror and drama,  I do recommend watching this at the cinema. I'd even watch it a second time, it's not a movie you get bored from! 

Little bonus: Elizabeth Olsen, the Olsen twin's less famous sister stars in this movie. Definitely adds a fun extra. 
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