Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Food diary | Tuscan edition

I still remember I had to show you some pictures of my trip to Italy, but I thought I'd start by showing you the best parts: the food. So here's another food diary, but completely Italian style (proper food porn, if you ask me). And yes, I ate all kinds and forms of pasta all week. When you eat in Italy, you've got to do it right. Get inspired and enjoy!
"Picci" pasta with ragout and a salad

Tagliolini with black truffle. DIVINE!
home-made Picci
A good cup of cappuccino in the morning
Deliciously simple caprese
might not look like much, but this tiramisu was amazing!
Grilled meat with Parmesan cheese and a simple salad
Wednesday market with fresh fruit and vegetables
Picci with some kind of garlic breadcrumbs and tomato, also delicious

Pizza at the airport. Shameful, but good
I discovered my new favorite pasta kind this week: Picci! Thick, homemade pastas. Tastes great with anything! Evidently, we brought 5 packs of Picci to Belgium.

What's your favorite pasta?

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