Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

As promised, here are some pictures I took during the Diamond Jubilee in London. My friend Zane was really enthusiastic about the whole happening, and that made me excited as well. We walked around London on Saturday and waited for hours along the Thames on Sunday for the Pageant in the hopes of seeing HM the Queen.

The weather was quite bad, so the pictures turned out to be quite gloomy. Nonetheless, I was glad to be part of it and very happy to see the Queen and the rest of the Royal family in real life.
The Ritz

Fortnum and Mason, a must-see department store in London
Fortnum & Mason at 'The Big Lunch' selling hamburgers

Multi-colored carousel on Picadilly

The Big Lunch with Prince Charles
Prince Charles

The Big Lunch at the Savoy hotel

The River Pageant: 1000 boats on the Thames

All flags of the members of the Commonwealth

HM the Queen herself, in white. Kate Middleton in red, next to Prince William. Horrible quality but I had to show it!

I love seeing how all the British people gather and celebrate the Queen all together. I wish we had this kind of celebrations in Belgium too! I am proud to say I'm officially part of England's history now.

I hope this post kind of makes you feel like you were there too. I promise my next posts will be more like usual but I couldn't ignore the Diamond Jubilee on my blog!
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