Monday, May 7, 2012

Food diary II

Here's my second food diary in which I show you some of the things I've been eating/drinking lately. This includes some of my favorites. I hope you'll feel inspired and enjoy!

My new favorite breakfast combination: yogurt, banana, strawberries, muesli and coconut chips (which are extremely addicting!). 

Simple ruccola salad with experimental fried feta cheese, surprisingly tasty. Must add some cherry tomatoes next time.   

As you may know already, my favorite cupcake: red velvet from Hummingbird. Sweet piece of heaven. 

 Tuna and salmon tartar salad from Itsu, in the park.

Accompanied by California maki. These were quite different than any other California maki I've had because it had some green crunchy beans inside which is quite good. 

Sushi bento box at Little Korea. Nicely presented but to be very honest, I've had better.

Best dark chocolate ever! I like eating some pieces after dinner while watching tv. Let it melt in your mouth to enjoy the delicious chocolate taste. I'd love to try the one with sea salt, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Had some cider at the Marylebone bar and I really liked it! It's my boyfriend who introduced me to Bulmers and Magners. I think it's my new favorite spring drink, perfect for a sunny afternoon.

Made some really tasty fajitas last week. The thumbs up says it all!

Le Relais de Venice (Entrecote). We stumbled upon this restaurant in Paris a few years ago and have been going back ever since. Luckily for me, there are two restaurants in London too (I go to the one on Marylebone Lane). They only serve one dish and it's entrecote, secret sauce and fries and a little salad as a starter. Can't even describe how good this is, it's so amazing and I know MANY people agree with me on this. If you haven't been yet, GO. One big tip: don't eat the whole day before you go here because you'll leave with a guaranteed food baby.

If you can save a little space in your tummy, try out the Vacherin. Also really delicious!

Got this cidre at Tesco today because I really love the TV advertisement for it! "C'est cidre, not cider... dans un chalisse!" or something like that ;). Stella Artois is also my favorite beer, so I knew this cidre would be good too, and I was right! I also love the simple bottle.

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