Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tips to prepare for summer

Now that it's April, I think it's time to tell you how I like to prepare for summer and the upcoming sunny days (summer starts in three months!). Here are eight ways to prepare yourself for a sunny spring and summer.

1. Sunscreen. It is so important to wear sunscreen when the sun is out; even if you're not lying on the beach. Getting a sunburn not only looks unattractive (and painful!), but it also gives you wrinkles in the long run and increases your chances of getting skin cancer. So why not put on some SPF before you go into the sun? I discovered my favorite brand Hawaiian Tropic last summer thanks to my best friend; the smell is simply amazing and it brings out all great memories from last summer.
2. Sunglasses. When the sun shines, I bring mine everywhere. And when I forget them it feels terrible. Sunnies prevent you from squinting and getting wrinkles.I suggest getting a classic pair that suits your face and that you'll wear for years and years. I still love my classic Ray Ban aviators, they're really perfect!

3. A picnic blanket. The best thing to do on a hot day (in London), is to go to a park for a picnic. But nothing's more annoying than having grass sticking to your arms and legs and dirt everywhere. That's why I'm taking a picnic blanket with me next time. Preferably with a typical red and white square pattern but one of those cheap fleece blankets from Ikea will certainly do the job just as good.

4. A Popsicle maker.  This is probably still the best invention ever (ok that's slightly exaggerated but it's really really great for hot days!). If you're not sure what I'm talking about, click here. Homemade pops contain little calories, are very cheap and easy to make and are reaally good. My favorite is basic orange juice but I'm planning on getting a bit more creative this summer. Maybe try making a mojito popsicle?

5. Bright nail polish colors. It's time to store away those grays and dark reds and bring out your pastel and neon colors. It's spring now and you have to show this on your nails as well! 

6. Self tanner or wash-off bronzer. On the first day of the year when it's appropriate to go bare-legged, nothing is worse than showing your extremely pale white legs after a long winter. You certainly need to prep them for that moment. Scrub away and apply a bit of self tan or wash-off bronzer until your legs get a decent natural color after a few days of sun.

7. Being healthy. Start eating better and work out if you like. Your body is probably still in winter-mode and you want to get it beach-proof right? You have three more months to prepare for the beach! The weather is now good enough for some running in the park and the fresh fruits and vegetables will now be cheaper in the supermarkets. So no excuses not to pick up a healthier lifestyle before summer.

8. Start looking for pretty bikinis, it's not too early. Like I told you before the best bikinis will be sold out by June, so start looking now! It might also bring you to my previous point: pick up a healthier lifestyle so you can look fabulous in that gorgeous new bikini!

Anything I missed out on? Let me know and share your tips in the comments if you like!

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