Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coconut oil

I had heard many good things about coconut oil before. But after seeing this beauty blogger raving about coconut oil in several of her videos and posts (for the non-Dutch speaking people, use google translate!), I decided it was time to try it out for myself.

As you can see, the pot of coconut oil I purchased is really HUGE (1 liter) and I think it will last for at least a year. It's from the brand Cocoya and it's 100% virgin coconut oil. It doesn't matter which brand you have, as long as the ingredient list simply says: coconut oil. You can buy it in your local organic store, and little foreign shops (it's not that easy to find).

Coconut oil only starts melting at a higher temperature than room temperature, so it's usually found in solid form, like on picture 1. If you start rubbing it between your palms, it ends up looking like picture 3: completely melted and oily. If you want your whole pot to melt, leave it in the sun or in hot water (don't microwave it).

Coconut oil is generally used for healthy cooking and in India some women use it as a treatment for their hair. I think it smells delicious and I want to use it for everything. I found this website which lists ALL the uses of coconut oil and what it's good for. These are the uses I thought are most interesting:

1. Moisturizer: just rub a small amount on any dry areas of your body. I like applying it on my legs and feet before going to bed. During summer, you can use it to add an extra glow to your legs but make sure you don't get it on your clothes. You can also use it on dry and chapped lips since it's 100% safe to eat.

2. Deep hair treatment: Do this before you're going into the shower. Take a spoonful of solid oil and rub it into your hair. If you want a deep treatment, include the roots. I usually rub it into the ends of my hair and leave it in for 20 min. before jumping into the shower. Wash it out with shampoo (sometimes twice is needed) and use conditioner. Your hair will be softer, thicker and shinier.

3. Deodorant (mixed with baking soda and corn starch): An interesting natural deodorant. I haven't tried this out but I definitely will soon! I'll let you know how it goes.

4. Defrizzer/serum: rub a tiny bit between your fingers and run through the ends of your hair.

5. Massage oil: rub with your hands and start massaging! This is a good tip for all girlfriends out there, I'm sure your boyfriend will enjoy this!

6. Body scrub (mixed with sugar): this leaves your skin feeling very soft.

8. Bug bites: it should stop the terrible itching. If you mix it with peppermint oil it's meant to be a perfect insect repellent. I will try this out when the mosquitoes make their entrance into my room this summer.

These are just the external benefits, but coconut oil also seems to be good for your body internally. It's probably harder to measure the internal benefits, but I think I might try adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to every smoothie I make. It adds a little tropical flavor! Let me know if you have an experience with coconut oil as a beauty product, I'm curious.

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