Monday, April 23, 2012

8 reasons why I like pockets

I'm a real pocket person. What do I mean by 'pocket person'? I just love pockets! Every kind of pockets, except for pickpockets. Enough with the lame jokes, I will outline the reasons why I like pockets so much (no, I'm not a total weirdo. I'm sure you'll agree with at least 2 points on this list).

- When I have enough pockets (in my jeans and jacket), I don't bring a handbag. No heavy lifting/shoulder pain because everything fits in my pockets! All equally balanced. Your handbag can't get stolen because you don't have one.

- When I do carry a handbag with me, I always put my phone and small wallet in my pockets (jeans/jacket) so if I do lose my handbag or it gets stolen, I don't lose the most important things. Of course, this doesn't count if you live in a quiet village/town. This is a tip for Londoners, New Yorkers, Parisians, etc. or frequent users of the public transport.

- Pockets keep your hands warm during winter.

- You can find all kinds of stuff in your pockets you forgot about: old used tissues (ew!) but also lots of coins  and the occasional notes (ca-tshing). You can also find your long lost favorite lip balm, bracelet or the 'lost wallet' which makes you really happy! 

- Polly Pocket! One of my (many) favorite toys when I was a child. I had completely forgotten about it until I searched for 'pocket' pictures. So I think this counts as a reason why pockets are great. Who else had a Polly Pockets as a kid? (I just had to add 2 pictures to refresh your memory)

- When a dress or skirt has pockets it makes it 100 times better for me. Not only does it look cute but it's also very functional. Where else would you put your phone?

- Pockets are a good solution when you don't know where to put your hands in an awkward situation.

- Relating to the first point, pockets force you to only take the highly necessary. In my case: phone, money, earphones and my little tube card wallet which also holds my keys and ID. No bottles of water, tissues, lip glosses, lip balms and all that other stuff which women drag with them (although for long days out I would choose to take a handbag with me).

After reading these 8 reasons for why I love pockets, do you agree with me? *Yes, yes I do!*

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