Monday, March 26, 2012

Tips to relax

Sometimes you just feel like you need to relax. If you're stressed, sad, tired or just lazy, there are many ways to get relaxed. Whether you have 5 minutes or one hour, I have several suggestions for  you to get calm and relaxed.

 1. Off your mind and on paper. If you're stressed about something in particular, try to take your mind off it. The best thing to do is to write everything down so it's off your mind and on paper. Go for a walk, watch your favorite show, take a nap, listen to some music or bake some cookies; do whatever you like, depending on how much time you have. The most important thing is not to think about the things that stress you out.

2. Light a candle, preferably a scented one. Some scents like lavender or sandalwood are extra relaxing. However your mind has positive or negative associations with some smells, so try to find out which scent is best for you. For example my mother always wears rose-scented perfume, so I associate this scent with something positive. Whenever I smell the Muji Rose candle, I react positively to it, whereas other people might not experience the same feeling. So basically, find a scent which relaxes you (candle, lotion, sheet fragrance) so you can use it in stressful situations.

3. Take a shower or a bath if you have a lot of time. I'm more of a shower person and I really like taking a hot shower, and when the bathroom is all steamy, end with a cold shower. It feels like I'm in a spa for some reason and it totally relaxes me. If you're a bath person, you can light some candles and add some lavender bath oil for a little home made aromatherapy session. 

4. A good old herbal tea might do the trick. My favorites are chamomile, fresh mint, verveine and fresh basil leaves. Add some hot water and honey and snuggle up on the couch or outside in the sun in a hammock, depending on what the weather is like.  
"I found that whatever the problem, a cup of tea always makes things a little better." - A line I heard on Desperate Housewives yesterday (obviously).

5. Give yourself a little spa treatment before going to bed. I like applying body lotion or body butter on my arms and legs before I go to sleep. I don't always do it, but I find this is a very relaxing thing to do because of the scent and the massaging. My favorite body butters are from The Body Shop: Brazil Nut and from Bliss: Lemon+Sage .

6. Make a to do list. I love making to do lists because it gives you have a clear idea of what you need to do instead of having scattered and stressful ideas in your head. Even if your to-do list includes less important things like "buy some water" or "return book to library" it feels much better than having to remember it and think about it at night. Even if I haven't crossed anything off my list, I still feel more relaxed than when I have it all in my head.  

7. Do some yoga.  Yoga is known for stress relief and relaxation. If you live in a city, there's always a place nearby where you can do yoga. If you find it too much of a hassle, you can find loads of yoga and breathing exercise videos on Youtube. You can read my first experience with yoga here.

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