Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sleek Rose Gold

Today, I'll show you one of Sleek's best selling blushes called Rose Gold. The reason why it's so popular is because it's a dupe of the incredibly popular NARS Orgasm blush (it's a staple in every beauty girl's make up bag!). That's also the reason why Rose Gold is really difficult to get hold of; I rarely see it in stock! 

The blush comes in a small packaging which is simple matte black with the shiny Sleek logo on it. It also has a mirror inside which is handy for traveling. I like that the packaging is small so it doesn't take up too much space in my make up bag. I'm more likely to grab a small blush packaging when I go traveling rather than the 'bulkier' MAC blushes. 

Now, about the blush itself. I've had this blush since October and I use it almost daily, and you can barely see that I've used it. It's so pigmented that I barely need to dip my brush into the blush for the right amount. So that's a big plus because it means that this blush will last a very long time.

Then, the color is simply amazing: a  deep pink, peachy, warm gold color with shimmer. Rose Gold is a perfect description. I think this color looks good with nearly every skin tone. And a NARS Orgasm dupe for £4.30, you just have to try it out, this is a real bargain. The only thing is that it's hard to find. But that makes it more satisfying if you have one in the end, no? 

I can't wait to compare this to the real deal, NARS Orgasm one day (hopefully soon!) 
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