Friday, February 17, 2012

Diptique Philosykos

"Reminiscent of a Greek summery day"

Philosykos by Diptique is my favorite perfume. To begin with, I'm not really someone who loves perfume and I can live without it. Most scents are just too strong for my taste. Yes you could say that I'm a bit sensitive when it comes to scents. I prefer natural and more subtle scents, like this eau de toilette for example. 

I completely agree with Diptique's description:
"Fig tree in all its glory: the freshness of fig leaves, the green fruit, the slightly milky sap, and the bark. A touch of white cedar gives it even sunnier depths."
This is definitely a spring/summer perfume. The first thing I smell when spraying it on is the smell of ripe figs and the freshness of fig leaves. Then, the subtle milky smell of coconut makes an appearance together with the very light smell of white cedar. The scent is very light and not too overwhelming because it's quite a natural smell compared to the more commercial perfumes. After a while it smells a bit sweeter but not too sweet. It's a very sunny and summery scent, which I like a lot since that's my favorite season.

Overall Philosykos is the perfect eau de toilette in my eyes. I can't wait for spring to come so I can start wearing it more often. I think Diptique makes unique and natural scents that are out of the ordinary (I've already tested some of the other perfumes). You can find the Diptique store on Marylebone High Street 68.
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