Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Frietjes met bitterballen

People across the world know Belgium for its beer, chocolate, waffles and fries with mayonnaise. Not exactly the most healthy image but I guess most countries are known for their food (Italy has pasta, Spain has tapas and America has burgers)

I must say that I love those Belgian food cliches. I mean, where else can you find several frituurs in every village (frituur: a 'traditional' fast food shack where you can buy fries wrapped in an upside down paper cone). Where else can students drink beer which is produced in their own university town (Stella, Leuven)? And in what other country is it normal to eat a bar of milk chocolate with bread for breakfast? I think you get my point. 

Ever since I moved to London, I've realized how different the food is over here, even though it's only a ferry trip away. I can't just buy Cote d'Or chocolate to eat for breakfast, because the shops mostly sell Cadbury, which is a good replacement but - to be honest - does not fully live up to my chocolate expectations. What I also miss is the monthly visit to the frituur. Een kleine friet met curry ketchup en bitterballen is not something I could ever find here in London. 

But the food here also has its upsides: Horlicks, a huge range of tea and delicious semi skimmed milk. Those are things I cannot find - around the corner - in Belgium. But I have to admit  I'm not sure if I'll ever like eating a typical big English breakfast, including baked beans and sausages. I'd rather have a chocolate bar with bread instead.
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